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B.audio, the French High End HiFi manufacturer has introduced its new streaming integrated amplifier, the B.audio Alpha One.

B.audio Alpha One


The B.audio Alpha One is the outcome of the experience acquired during the development of the Reference Series electronics and combines an advanced DAC together with a high-end, passively cooled, dual-mono amplifier in a single enclosure.

The proprietary EX networking module is also included, offering acoustic correction and advanced streaming capabilities.

B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp
B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp


Alpha One benefits from B.audio’s patented SJR “Source Jitter Removal” technology, which eliminates the imperfections affecting the clock signal of any digital source, optimising the digital-to-analogue conversion process.

The fully symmetrical integrated preamp stage features a commutated resistor volume control for channel balance.

Like all B.audio products, the Alpha One incorporates no coupling capacitors and uses multi-pole servo circuits operating outside the signal path to provide a consistent DC reference.

B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp
Rear of the B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp


Directly derived from that of the manufacturer’s power amplifiers, the amplification section uses a sophisticated topology featuring local feedback at the most critical stages, thereby, say B.audio, considerably reducing dynamic distortion. As a result, Alpha One benefits from the advantages of a Class AB output stage while providing ‘perfect linearity of operation’.

B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp

Its dual-mono design features comfortable power handling (200W under 4 Ohm, 120W under 8 Ohm) combined with a large current reserve.

B.audio Alpha One Streaming Integrated Amp
At High End Munich 2023


The B.audio Alpha One made its debut at High End Munich 2023, you can watch our video with B.audio and Diptyque, who worked together on the systems exhibited, that we made with them at the show.

B.audio and Diptyque exhibited together at High End Munich 2023


The B.audio Alpha One is available now at 15,990€ inc VAT, with a 450€ supplement for the black finish.

In the USA B.audio are distributed by Monarch Systems and the MSRP is $17,000.

HiFi PiG Says: This French HiFi brand is going from strength to strength with their well-thought-out and elegant, modern HiFi pieces.

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