The AVID HIFI Boron Cartridge is a £4000 moving coil design using a boron cantilever and micro-ridge stylus. Stuart Smith bolts it onto one of his record players and takes a listen for HiFi Pig. More »


The Vertere Sabre moving magnet cartridge costs £845 and certainly looks the part. But how does it sound? Stuart Smith finds out for HiFi Pig. More »


John Scott says goodbye to an old much-loved friend and hello to a new one thanks to Stack Audio’s Alto suite of Linn LP12 upgrades at £1400 More »


The Classic Audio Spartan 10 is the first product from this UK-based headed up by Michael Fidler. Janine Elliot spins some discs through this £350 moving magnet only phonostage. More »

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QHW Audio’s THE VINYL phonostage is made in Spain, accepts both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges, and costs a very reasonable €760 plus shipping and relevant taxes. Stuart Smith finds out how it fares for HiFi Pig. More »

HiFi Highlights 2021 – HiFi we reviewed in 2021 that got our highest award.

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Musical Fidelity is a well known and well-respected brand that is distributed in the UK. In this review, Stuart Smith takes a listen to their £1200 M3X Vinyl phonostage. More »

The Origin Live Cartridge Enabler is a £25 piece of felt that fits between cartridge and headshell and comes with felt and nylon washers. In this Quickie Review, Stuart Smith gives it a spin. More »

The Hegel V10 is the Norwegian company’s first foray into the land of phono-stages. It costs £1350 and is distributed by Auden Distribution in the UK. Stuart Smith gets into the grooves with it. More »

Alpha2Delta Audio PS1 phono-stage and PSU1 power supply is handmade in the UK and costs (as tested) £3999. Alan McIntosh takes a listen.

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The Audiokultura Iskra 1 phono-stage is from Poland and costs £340. Ian Ringstead takes a listen.

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Ian Ringstead checks out the £429 Pro-ject VC-S2 –ALU Record Cleaning Machine.

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Janine Elliot takes a listen to Electrocompaniet’s £1969 ECP 2 Mkii phono-stage.



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Linette Smith gets into the groove with the Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine which promises to be a compact, quiet and home-friendly solution to keeping your vinyl in pristine condition.

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The Degritter ultrasonic record cleaning machine is made in Estonia and pretty much wholly automated. Stuart Smith takes this £2275 machine for a spin…cycle.

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Our first video review of 2020 with many more to come. This is my overview and thoughts of the Technics 1200 G Turntable costing £3000 in the UK.

You can read the full written review of the Technics 1200 G turntable here 

AVID HIFI is well known and respected for their high-end turntables, loudspeakers and electronics, but their INGENIUM PLUG&PLAY turntable is just £1250 (with the option of an upgraded platter at £350) and is, as its name suggests, Plug and Play, coming as it does with arm and cartridge ready to go. Janine Elliot plugs it into her system and lets it play.

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The Technics 1200 series of turntables need no introduction given their now legendary status, but the Japanese company’s latest incarnation going by the name 1200 G is a whole new ball game. Stuart Smith gives this £3000 record player a spin.

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A new range of platter mats from Sonic Voice and with UK Distribution by HiFi System Components Ltd. has arrived so Janine Elliot takes a listen.

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The Mediterraneo from Italian brand Gold Note is their top-level turntable and it’s certainly a bit of a looker, but how does it perform. The UK price for the Mediterraneo in Italian Walnut is £5,445.00 and this includes the B 5.1 Tonearm. Stuart Smith finds out how it performs. More »

Janine Elliot has previously reviewed the EAT C Sharp turntable, but now it’s available in a supercharged package with its own phonostage and power supply. The combo is £6494 in the UK, but is it worth the extra lolly? More »

Linette Smith gets into the groove with the Ultrasonic record cleaner KA-RC-1 from Kirmuss Audio.  More »

Nasotec Swing Headshell 202A1 is a novel approach to achieving better results from your vinyl replay system. It costs £305 and here Janine Elliot gives it a try for Hifi Pig. More »

Ever fallen asleep whilst listening to records and woke up hours later with your precious cartridge playing the run-out groove? Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lifter (US$259 as reviewed) could well be the answer to your dreams… More »

Pro-Ject is very well known for their large range of turntables and is now expanding into the record cleaning market with a vacuum cleaning machine and this, the £55 Sweep-IT E which gets rid of dust by brushing the vinyl as it is being played. Harry Smith gives it a spin.  More »