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The Sigberg Audio MANTA is an active loudspeaker system, with a coaxial driver, from Norway.

Sigberg Audio MANTA

The brand was founded in 2020. Their active loudspeakers and subwoofers are designed and made in Norway.

Sigberg Audio MANTA

Sigberg Audio MANTA on their stand


Traditional speakers radiate sound in all directions, especially toward the lower frequencies. This leaves you with less energy at the listening position. It also results in reflections from the walls to the side and rear of the speakers, which can distort the original sound.

Sigberg Audio MANTA

Sigberg Audio MANTA

Sigberg says that MANTA has a cardioid radiation pattern over an “exceptionally wide frequency range without loss of efficiency”. This means less energy is directed to the side and rear of the speaker, and more energy is directed toward the listener.

Sigberg Audio MANTA

Sigberg Audio MANTA side and back


The Sigberg Audio MANTA  was designed from the start as a statement product. At a glance, the numbers are 0.5% THD @96dB/1m and a maximum SPL of 122dB@1m. Like its sibling the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speaker, it’s designed to play with a subwoofer. Sigberg tells us: “Despite having a 12” driver, the MANTA has an F3 of 90hz. This means it’s essentially a 4-way speaker system and integrates perfectly with our subwoofers”.

Sigberg Audio MANTA

Sigberg Audio MANTA with grille


Frequency response: 20-20,000hz (in-room response with sub) 90-20,000hz +/-2.5dB (anechoic response)

Distortion: <0,5% THD @96dB/1m (per speaker)

Maximum SPL@1m: 122dB (per speaker)

Cardioid dispersion characteristics (120-180°): ~100-500hz: 10-12dB attenuation ~500hz-1khz: 16-20dB attenuation ~1-5khz: 25dB attentuation

Type: 3-way (Total system with subwoofer adds up to 4-way) Dual cardioid cabinet with acoustic side vents

Drivers / Amplifier: 12″ midbass, 5.5″ midrange, 1″ silk dome tweeter.

Active 3-channel Hypex nCore class D amplifier with DSP (650W per speaker)

Equalizer / Room correction: Manual EQ, 9-band parametric

Inputs: Analogue: RCA, XLR balanced (in/through)

Digital: Optical, Coaxial/SPDIF (in/through), AES (in/through)

Dimensions (WHD): 360x600x350 mm Total height on included stands: 107cm

Accessories: Power cable (EU/US), USB-cable, magnetic detachable grille

Weight: 25kg / speaker Shipping weight including stands: 64kg

Placement: Unique black MANTA stainless steel stand (included), tilting the speaker 4 degrees. Recommended distance from wall: 10-50 cm.

Sigberg Audio MANTA


MANTA is available for preorder directly from Sigberg Audio

Worldwide pricing:

$13,300 USD



including worldwide shipping and excluding import taxes and duty

HiFi Pig Says: Sigberg Audio are an interesting young brand and these new speakers really make a statement.


HiFi Pig










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