Well, here’s something interesting.

Adventurous as ever, this eBay item caught my attention, and for £35.00 UK delivered (with refund option) I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s kind of odd and seems to hark back to the days of the old Michell turntables with their ‘minimum surface contact’ philosophy – the opposite of what tends to be thought of as good practice these days.

One of the Supporting cones on the Reso-Mat

The LP is supported on 9 little black cones.  6 around the LP’s rim, 3 much nearer the centre label.

Mounted directly on the platter of my Pioneer PL-71 direct drive turntable it’s made a definite and worthwhile improvement in all areas.

The sound is faster, more open, more transparent.  Everything sounds better defined and more articulate compared to my old Funk Firm Achromat, which itself is certainly no slouch.

The advertising blurb says that the cones are made of material the same density as vinyl, so your precious records can’t be scratched – and I’ve not had any issues in the months that I’ve been using it.

You can’t use any clamping system, though, so warped records have to stay as warped as before.

It is also available in a slightly smaller size to fit Technics SL-1200/1210 and similar.  I now use one of these on my PL-71 as the platter drops a little at the edge.

Available in any combination of black or white cones and disc.

Well worth trying!

Author -Jerry

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