New British hi-fi manufacturer, Mitchell and Johnson is launching the HP1, its first set of headphones. The hybrid circum-aural design, combining the super thin and lightweight DYNASTATZ® flexible transducer with a 40mm dynamic dome driver module, “delivers clean bass and unmatched clarity at the price point” says the company’s recent press release.

Designed in Europe, the HP1 Headphones are assembled using the company’s patented DYNASTATZ electrostatic technology, which is capable of reproducing high frequency sounds up to 45kHz, directly translating electrical signal to sound without distortion or the hysteresis effect of traditional dynamic headphones. Combined with the traditional dynamic dome driver for the low frequencies, the HP1 brings the best of both worlds to the user. M&J HP1

“The real wood enclosures dramatically improve the acoustics, and the sound is crisper and more detailed due to the quick response and reduced colouration of the DYNASTATZ transducer giving higher fidelity and lower interference” the company add.

The natural wood-grain pattern makes each pair totally unique, giving the one of a kind appearance to the HP1. Mitchell and Johnson has also made the HP1 extremely lightweight using super soft PU leather on the ear pads and headband and the lightweight alloy frame with real wood enclosure for a very comfortable listening experience.

Detachable fully adjustable connection cables, allow for portable on-the-go use with hand-held devices and another for hi-fi use.

Paul Mitchell, CEO, of Mitchell and Johnson comments, “The launch of HP1 with the patented features gives them a real edge over traditional headphones, producing an extremely high quality, detailed sound.” He adds, “Independent listening tests have demonstrated that the performance is more than a match for other products in the market and we are confident that hi-fi and music enthusiasts are going to love them.”

£299 inc. VAT

The HP1 will be available in retailers from September

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