With the CD Transport Le Player 3 already on the market since May 2020, Le Player 3+ completes the Classica range from FrenchHigh End brand Métronome, with a Super DAC and CD Player hybrid. Same classic French design and improved electronics to deal with DSD up to 512 in native form.

The new “Plus” version of Le Player 3 finishes off the Classica range with an integrated CD Player, or more precisely a DAC and CD Player hybrid, since the versatility of the device allows it to be used in both forms. Metronome say, Le Player 3+ is “the perfect device for all the music lovers who listen to computer music and thus need an excellent DAC, but who also listen their old CDs from time to time”.

The new Le Player 3+ from French brand Metronome


The D/A converter is available through asynchronous USB supporting PCM up to 32 bits / 384 kHz and DSD up to 512.  With the S/P DIF input supporting PCM up to 24 / 192, Le Player 3+ DAC will be able to connect to most streamers or servers, or more generally all digital sources.

Le Player 3+ also comes with the improved pickup mechanism introduced with Le Player 3

Le Player 3+ also comes with the improved pickup mechanism introduced with Le Player 3: new decoupling system and the “Pickup Box” enclosure reducing the noises from the transport.

The French Styling of Le Player 3+ remains the same

Vive La France!

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Metronome Technologie, comments: “Now I’m really proud with the Classica range, which is completed by a CD Transport, a DAC, and a hybrid, respectively Le Player 3, Le DAC and Le Player 3+. Despite the situation we face since the beginning of 2020, Métronome goes on innovating, and this is not coming to an end!”



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