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In June of 2020, Magico introduced the M9 flagship loudspeaker. All that was discovered in the extensive research and development program undertaken for the M9 has now been distilled into the Magico M7.

Magico M7 loudspeaker

The M7 was conceived by Founder and CEO Alon Wolf as a more accessible version of the semiactive M9. The Magico engineering team was tasked with creating the all-passive Magico M7.


The Magico M7 is a four-way, six-driver floorstanding loudspeaker with the latest Magico drive-unit technology, an organically shaped carbon-fibre-and-aluminium enclosure, and the latest Elliptical Symmetry Crossover.


The M7 has an advanced tweeter and midrange driver, a powerful midbass driver, and a large 12″ bass driver. These drivers were designed to minimize distortions in both frequency and time domains.

Magico M7 Loudspeaker Drivers


The M7 uses the tweeter designed for the M9. This high-frequency 28mm driver utilizes a beryllium diaphragm with optimized geometry. The diaphragm is then diamond-coated using a chemical vapour deposition process to push the beryllium substrate ever closer to the theoretical ideal.


The 5” pure midrange driver in the M7 features a Gen 8 Nano-Tec cone formed of an aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched with outer and inner layers of graphene-infused carbon fibre. The advanced cone is supported by a newly designed basket assembly and an innovative foam surround, and a all-new underhung neodymium-based motor system.


The M7’s 9” midbass driver uses a newly designed basket assembly along with Magico’s Gen 8 Nano-Tec cone, consisting of an aluminium-honeycomb core sandwiched with outer and inner layers of graphene-infused carbon fibre. This drive unit is equipped with a 127mm voice coil and an underhung neodymium-based motor system using dual extra-large magnets. The vented pure titanium voice-coil former enables +/-13mm of stable movement. This high-sensitivity driver is capable of output of 120dB @ 1m in its band pass.


The M7’s new 12” bass driver uses a newly designed basket assembly and a Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cone, which includes an aluminium-honeycomb core sandwiched with outer and inner layers of graphene-strengthened carbon fibre. This drive unit has a 127mm voice coil, an underhung neodymium-based motor system using an extra-large magnet, and a top magnet to give a stable magnetic field.


The organic enclosure design of the M7 employs a monocoque carbon-fibre shell and a multiply 6061-T6 aluminium front baffle, designed to result in minimal internal resonances and near-silent operation.


The Elliptical Symmetry Crossover, a critical component in the M7, integrates the six drive units to produce a cohesive sound. A bespoke support system using MPOD technology ensures stability and noise elimination, while a chrome plate bearing Alon Wolf’s signature signifies his personal endorsement of each M7 leaving the factory.

Magico M7 Loudspeaker
Magico M7 Crossover


Configuration: 4-way, 6-driver design

Tweeter: MBD5D 1.1” (28mm) pure-beryllium, diamond-coated diaphragm

Midrange: MAG5004RTC 5” Gen 8 midrange driver

Midbass: MAG9508HE 9” Gen 8 midbass drivers (2)

Woofer: MAG12008HE 12” Gen 8 bass drivers (2)

Sensitivity: 92dB

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency Response: 18Hz—50kHz

Recommended power: 50W—1000W

Dimensions: 65H” (164cm) x 29D” (73cm) x 19.3W” (49cm)

Weight: 526 pounds (239kg)

Magico M7 Loudspeaker


In the USA the M7 has an MSRP of US $ 375,000 per pair.

In the UK the estimated price is £450,000 inc. VAT from Magico distributor Absolute Sounds.

Overseas pricing varies depending on factors including regional taxes and importation fees, TBC by local distribution.

Ship date: Q1 2024

HiFi PiG Says: We can’t wait to hear the new Magico M7, hopefully, it will be at a HiFi Show near us very soon!

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