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The 10-model Klipsch Reference series features Dolby Atmos speakers, advanced acoustics, and a modern design.

Klipsch has announced the debut of its new Klipsch Reference series speakers.


Klipsch Reference Series Speakers 7th Gen

Klipsch Reference R-800F living room set up


The company’s Reference series speakers have graced living rooms for several years. The new series, the 7th generation, features the most dramatic upgrades since the series’ inception, including many technologies derived from the Klipsch Reference Premiere series.

Klipsch Reference Series Speakers 7th Gen

Klipsch Reference R-600


The new Klipsch Reference series is comprised of 10 models, including Dolby Atmos® enabled speakers, which feature technological, cosmetic and material upgrades.

Dolby Atmos R40SA speaker

Klipsch has enhanced the cabinet bracing and included features such as black scratch-resistant wood grain vinyl finish, metallic coated binding posts, and discrete Dolby Atmos connections that allow for easy and refined elevation speaker integration.

Klipsch Reference Series Speakers 7th Gen

Top view of the Klipsch R-605FA


A new, larger, 90º x 90º, edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix horn provides improved coverage, bandwidth and directivity control. New woofers made of spun-copper thermoformed crystal polymer (TCP) use steeper angling of cones for a smoother response and better crossover integration and the tweeters are Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) aluminium tweeters.

Klipsch Reference Series Speakers 7th Gen

More of the new 7th Gen Klipsch Reference Series speakers


The 10 new Klipsch Reference series models consist of three floorstanding speakers (R-605FA with integrated Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker, R-800F and R-600F), two centre channels (R-50C and R-30C), two bookshelf speakers (R-50M and R-40M), one Dolby Atmos elevation speaker that can also be used as a surround speaker (R-40SA), and two powered subwoofers (R-121SW and R-101SW).

R-605FA – £1,499 / €1,598

R800F – £1,249 / €1,298

R600F – £949 / €998

R-50M – £325 / €349

R-40M – £275 / €299

R-30C – £375 / €399

R-50C – £279 / €299

R-40SA – £399 / €449

R-121SW – £549 / €599

R-101SW – £499 / €549

Klipsch are distributed in the UK by Henley Audio.

Klipsch Reference Series Speakers 7th Gen

HiFi Pig Says: An adaptable range of speakers with plenty of uses from Home Cinema and HiFi to gaming, the new Klipsch Reference Series will be sure to prove popular.


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