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Following the introduction of the D1.5 CD/SACD player/transport, CH Precision has announced the release of the partnering DAC, the new CH Precision C1.2.

The CH Precision C1.2 features a four-fold increase in processing power and has a revised and refined proprietary PEtER algorithm which also introduces fixed-point processing.

CH Precision C1.2 DAC

The new CH Precision C1.2 DAC


The new power-management software reduces system noise levels and there is an all-new MEMS-based, thermally compensated and shunt regulated master clock. The C1.2 uses discrete, local regulation of the DSP and FGPA chips and is fully MQA compliant for disc and file replay. It also has an improved, by-passable hybrid digital/analogue volume control.


Retaining the elegant form factor and functionality, versatility and configurability of its predecessor the C1, the C1.2 nevertheless represents a complete update/re-engineering of the digital signal path. The massive increase in processing power has allowed CH Precision to significantly evolve the PEtER spline filter algorithm, introducing fixed-point processing. An all-new MEMS-based master clock has increased clock accuracy and reduced timing error, while the increased local regulation along with sophisticated power management has significantly reduced the digital noise floor. Input compatibility has been fully updated and now includes full MQA compliance for both disc and file replay.


The user-configurable input topology means that owners can buy only the inputs they need, and the expandable system capability allows owners to add external power supplies, a T1 Time reference master clock or even upgrade the C1.2 to a true three-box, dual-monaural DAC form. The capacity to accept and switch analogue inputs makes the C1.2 a true System Controller.

CH Precision C1.2 DAC

CH Precision C1.2 DAC in the three box configuration


Existing C1s can be fully upgraded to the C1.2 standard for the difference in price between the new and the older model, ensuring that the investment made by end-users is both protected and updated.


Availability 1st September 2022

C1.2 (inc. 1x HD Digital Input Card): €32,850 or $36,000

C1.2 Mono (inc. 1x HD Digital Input Card): €70,350 or $77,000

C1/C1 Mono upgrade to C1.2: €4,000 or $4,000

Additional Input/Output Options:

Ethernet Input HD Card: €5,800 or $6,000

USB Input Card: €2,750 or $3,000

Analog Input Card (1pr RCA, 1pr XLR): €2,350 or $2,500

SYNC-IO card: €1,350 or $1,500

The C1 to C1.2 upgrade is a distributor or factory installed kit.

CH Precision C1.2 DAC


If you are at the High End Munich show next week then you can hear CH Precision’s new digital products, the C1.2 DAC/Controller, the D1.5 CD/SACD Player/Transport and the 10 Series amplifiers in Atrium 4.1 room F118.

HiFi Pig Says: Very high end and very Swiss, we are looking forward to hearing the new CH Precision DAC at Munich.


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