Aurender introduces the new UC100 as an accessory for Aurender Music Server models that only provide a USB digital output.

It is a USB Asynchronous Audio 2.0 to SPDIF converter developed to allow for the interface of current (and earlier) Aurender servers N100 / N100H / X100L to DACs that do not provide a USB input.Aurender_spdif_converter

Additionally, the UC100 can allow Aurender Music Servers to interface with active loudspeaker systems that incorporate built-in amplifiers, DSP and DACs. In this application running a Coaxial cable to the loudspeakers from the UC100 is required.

The UC100’s input is High-Speed USB 2.0; output is SPDIF (Coaxial RCA 75 Ohms). Supported word lengths: Up to 24-bit; Supported sampling rates: Up to 192 Khz. Supported DSD: DSD64 supported with DoP.

The machined aluminium case measures 5.7” L x 1.18” H x 2.12 W. Suggested Retail Price is $499.00. Availability: November.


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