We at Hifi Pig thought this KickStarter project for AirBulb looked really interesting and worth a AirBulbmention in the Hifi Pig News section despite it not being exactly audiophile. So basically AirBulb is an LED light bulb that has a wireless speaker built in and has Bluetooth so you can beam your music to it from your iOS or Android device.

The makers say it’s a simple case of plugging it in , downloading the apps and hey presto you have music wherever you fancy.

AirBulb is Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP and Bluetooth 4 compatible and it can support AAC and apt-X codecs.

The onboard ampo is a little 3W class D affair along with a full range driver…it’s a light bulb too having 6 high power LEDS that comes in cool white or warm white temperatures…and the brightness can be controlled from the app too…and you can set it through the app to wake you up in the morning via the alarm on the app.

Two of the airBulbs can be connected to one device to enable a left and right hand stereo channel which is pretty nifty we thought.

We were chatting over lunch about thie AirBulb and we reckoned it will be really popular with folk who want to have music in the bathroom, kitchen, shed or wherever but don’t want to go to the trouble carting a Bluetooth speaker around.


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