Hifi Pig is partial to a bit of studio type kit used in domestic settings and thought the latest offerings from Adam, due out in October of 2012, looked quite interesting. Consisting of two nearfield monitors and a dedicated subwoofer, the F Series is designed in the tradition of ADAM professional monitors. The aim is to focus on the essence of ADAM speakers at a new, lower price point. 

The F5 and F7 near field monitors feature a newly designed version of the ADAM proprietary Accelerating Ribbon Technology. These tweeters are said to reproduce the higher frequencies with “the very airiness, clarity, and detail ADAM is famous for” and the high performance woofers are designed to seamlessly integrate with the tweeters performance.
Wherever deeper and more powerful bass response is required, the Sub F subwoofer will be available. It has been specifically designed to match the F monitors and will perfectly complement them in any set up.

Could be just the ticket for a desktop system.

Living Voice Vox Olympian
Hartvig TT Signature gramophone

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