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After pioneering modular room acoustics for over fifteen years, GIK Acoustics has incorporated new technology in their recent cylindrical bass trap.

GIK Acoustics Turbo Trap Pro

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Stuart Smith tries the new modular SoundBlock system from the room treatment specialists GIK. More »

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RDacoustic of the Czech Republic has developed a new acoustic material that they call Silentmax.

RDacoustic Silentmax3D Acoustic Panels

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Anyone that follows what we do at HiFi Pig Towers will know that we think that room treatment is as important a part of the system as any other HiFi component.

High End Munich 2022 GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks

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GIK Acoustics has just introduced more thicknesses to their DecoShapes Hexagon acoustic panels.

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GIK Acoustics has invited customers to submit photos illustrating how their room treatments bring their sound to life with the GIK Summer Giveaway Photo Contest.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the operational standards for all sectors of the economy. Infection control has always been a concern, particularly for Healthcare and Wellbeing Environments but now, every industry faces the need to ensure a “Covid-safe” workplace.

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Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has teamed up with Tape Op Magazine to release six of their popular covers as exclusive 242 Acoustic Art Panels for the US market.

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Czech High End Hifi brand, RD Acoustic, are currently building their ‘Ultimate Listening Room’. For the new space, they have produced a custom Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser that, unlike the usual option that is simply hung on the wall and rests in a wooden frame, now covers the entire front wall.

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GIK Acoustics has launched their VISO vocal booth. GIK are as well known in the pro audio market as they are in the Hifi market, for their room treatment panels, and this new booth is perfect for singers, songwriters, voice actors, voice-over artists, YouTube content creators, and podcasters looking to significantly improve recording quality.

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GIK Acoustics will be exhibiting at Bristol and it will be their first appearance in four years.

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Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics is launching an acoustic foam option as part of the Impression Series and Alpha Series room treatments. The Impression and Alpha Series are the GIK acoustic panels that have a front plate with designs cut into it to both absorb low-to-mid frequencies while diffusing high frequencies simultaneously.

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Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics is launching a corner bass trap option as part of their Impression Series line of room treatments. More »

Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has announced the release of five new designs available in the company’s Impression Series line of acoustic panels and bass traps. More »

Myriad, is Artnovion’s brand new acoustic absorber panel, designed, say Artnovion, “for rooms that require a simple, efficient and economical solution for reverberation control”. More »

Hifi Pig caught up with David Shevyn of GIK Europe at Munich High End and chatted about what I think is a great idea for those looking to add room treatment to their listening spaces. 

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Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has launched a new 3D drawing tool that will aid customers in devising acoustic solutions for their space. The GIK Acoustics Virtual Room Planner enables customers to create a 3D rendering of their room and place GIK Acoustics products around the room. More »

GIK Acoustics will be exhibiting at the The Indulgence Show in London, 29th September – 1st October 2017 at Hammersmith, London at the Novotel london West. More »

Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has launched a radiant new diffuser with the release of the Gotham N23 5” Skyline Diffuser, a precision-cut, 23-root, two-dimensional Quadratic Skyline Diffuser More »

GIK Acoustics has launched the Impression Series – a line of acoustic panels and bass traps with decorative plates that also deliver a visual statement. More »

Room treatment is often seen as a dark art a somewhat expensive process. Stuart and Linette Smith try three products from GIK Acoustics including bass traps, acoustic panels and diffusors. OUTSTANDINGLARGE300DPISTARONLINE More »

“Artnovion combines art and innovation to create the most beautiful and effective acoustic panels” says the company’s recent press release.Artnovion lifestyle 2

The range of panels include absorbers, bass traps and diffusers which are engineered to work sonically and be “striking” to look at.

Artnovion has also created an acoustics app called Impulso, which is designed to help users tune their rooms without requiring specialist training. With a user-friendly layout, room measurement is carried out in a few steps via the software’s interface. Configure the sound levels, and click ‘Go!’ for immediate results. As well as measuring the room, the app allows you to pick your desired Artnovion products, and then it automatically simulates how the room’s acoustics will alter, showing a reverberation time graph.

‘Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can remember. Driven by the challenges of unravelling the mysteries of sound, I have been traveling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation. Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.’ Jorge Castro, CEO, Artnovion.

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