HiFi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about the essential brands to have on your ‘go visit’ list at High End Munich 2022. Read on for more about their philosophy, their products and, of course, where they will be at this year’s High End Show.


Room D107, Atrium 3 at this year’s High End Show will see UK-based PMC, the world leader in home audio and studio reference loudspeakers, sharing space with AVM (its distributor in Germany) to demonstrate the company’s flagship speaker system, fact fenestria and showcase the twenty5i and ci series.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC


fenestria is the pinnacle of PMC loudspeaker design, incorporating the proprietary technologies that have been developed and fine-tuned over the past 30 years.

A three-way, ultra-high-resolution passive twin ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) loudspeaker, fenestria incorporates, custom-made drivers, twin Laminair™ vents for improved aerodynamic ATL airflow, plus an innovative and elegant reflection-free module that both houses and isolates the treble and mid-range units. The result is aesthetically beautiful and highly engineered, conveying the emotion of a musical performance with more subtlety and refinement than any other loudspeaker.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

The fact fenestria is the speaker you’ll never hear. This isn’t meant flippantly, but literally. The five years’ research and development that went into its creation focused on the elimination of all unwanted vibrations from the drive units, cabinets and other critical components that are inherent in all loudspeakers. These reduce the clarity, precision and neutrality of the speakers, and introduce colouration that detracts from the musical experience. By engineering them out of the fenestria all you hear is nothing but the music.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

Ever since the company’s first product, the BB5 XBD Active, was installed at BBC’s Maida Vale Studio in 1991, the quest has been to create loudspeakers that are the reference for sonic neutrality. fenestria is the pinnacle of this process and represents the culmination of our 30 years of speaker design.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

As Peter Thomas, our founder and owner puts it, “fenestria is the perfect example of our holistic design approach. Our aim was to make the best passive loudspeaker we could, with a completely open mind when it came to the technologies and materials to uses. We looked at all options to achieve the purest, most transparent sound, and fenestria was the result.”

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

Peter and Oliver Thomas and the PMC Fact fenestria

Oliver Thomas, chief designer on the fenestria project, is very proud of the team’s achievement, “The fenestria was a fantastic design project. The research and development put into key technologies which were realised through this design was fascinating for the PMC engineering team and myself, from the new PMC75 midrange version which takes colouration down to the next level, to the use of vibration control and isolation throughout. We took this route of ground up redevelopment and refinement of each element of loudspeaker design with the goal of finding more detail in every audio recording.”

Since those early days, PMC has espoused the philosophy that there is only one way to design a loudspeaker, and that is the right way, whether it is for a professional studio speaker or a domestic hi-fi speaker. That is why all PMC speakers are voiced the same and have the same dispersion pattern and can be mixed and matched.

Nothing is more representative of PMC’s well known “from studio to home” approach to loudspeaker design than the use of the flagship fenestrias in one of the world’s leading professional mastering studios. Four-times Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Darcy Proper, installed fenestrias in her New York studio, using them to mix an immersive audio album which brought her 12th Grammy nomination.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

The fenestria is the perfect speaker for the job of mastering, as Darcy puts it “The fenestrias are a critical part of the accurate and detailed, yet musical, monitoring system which is the basis for the sonic evaluation and decision-making fundamental to my work as a mastering engineer.  Without that reliable point of reference, any adjustments I make would simply be guesswork.”


In addition to fenestria, the outstanding and critically acclaimed twenty5i series will be on display. The twenty5i series employs technologies originally developed for both the company’s professional monitors and fenestria, in the most popular PMC hi-fi range. From the flagships, the QB1 studio speakers, and fenestria, comes the Laminair port – the most significant development in the famous Advanced Transmission Line technology in 20 years. And also from fenestria, the new techniques of vibration analysis has resulted in specially developed isolation mounts for the floor-standing models to reduce unwanted resonance and colouration within the cabinet.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC


For both audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts, the new ci series will be available to view. These slimline on-wall and in-wall models have quickly become the reference for Dolby Atmos mixing suites around the world. To recreate the awe-inspiring realism and stunning dynamics of a blockbuster in the home, there is no better choice of loudspeaker than those used to make the movies themselves.

Essential High End Munich 2022 - PMC

Don’t miss the fenestria demonstrations and the chance to explore the other ranges, and experience why PMC speakers are the ones that “make music and movies”.

For the full range from PMC, see www.pmc-speakers.com

Room D107, Atrium 3


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