NAD Electronics of Canada has announced two new products, the Masters M28 Seven Channel Power Amp And T 758 V3i Surround Sound Receiver

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Loewe, the German manufacturer of televisions and AV equipment, has launched a wireless floorstanding speaker system called klang 5 (‘klang’ means ‘sound’ in German). Designed to work seamlessly with Loewe TVs, including the bild 7 OLED set, the klang 5 speakers deliver all forms of audio, from music to movies. More »

Monitor Audio’s new ASB-10 compact Active Soundbar system is engineered to restore the power of an audio and video experience by re-energising HD and UHD pictures with the sound they deserve. Although TV panels deliver ever wider more enveloping pictures, their on-board sound quality is in relative decline. Size limitations imposed by shrinking bezels mean that the speakers within them reproduce only fraction of the bandwidth available from today’s DTV boxes, games consoles and media players. More »

MartinLogan, the American manufacturer of electrostatic and Folded Motion® ltechnology loudspeakers, has announced that all speakers in the Masterpiece Series are now shipping. More »

Swedish audio technology provider Dirac Research has announced an agreement with Pioneer Corporation to distribute their suite of digital technologies to the OEM audio market in Japan. The product categories cover computer speakers, sound bars, Bluetooth speakers, TV loudspeakers, portable audio devices, educational support products as well as amusement equipment featuring arcade games and others. Pioneer will also be leveraging Dirac solutions within a variety of consumer products and commercial audio applications. “About three years ago, Dirac introduced us to their suite of digital sound quality optimisation technologies,” commented Mr. Osamu TakechiSenior General Manager of Pioneer Industrial Solutions Division. “Completely different from conventional virtual surround and/or equalisation, the Dirac solutions are both theoretically and practically proven to fundamentally improve an audio systems’ performance. We were quite impressed with Dirac; hence, we decided to integrate their technologies into our newest speaker systems. We are now in a position to market these ground-breaking technologies in Japan.”


Specialising in digital room correction, sound field control and sound optimisation, Dirac Research has developed a range tailored for different audio systems, such as speaker and earphone optimisation, soundstage widening for multiple speakers, sound quality optimisation for portable devices and digital room correction for hifi systems. We are excited about the synergy between Dirac and Pioneer and look forward to delivering superior audio solutions to Japanese OEM’s,” commented Dr. Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac. “We anticipate that the integration of our advanced technologies with innovative hardware from Pioneer and the other Japanese manufacturers will establish new benchmarks for audio performance in a variety of product categories.” Johansson concluded.


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